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VET & GE courses

The most centrally located English language and vocational school.

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VET & GE courses

Holmes Institute is committed to providing the highest quality education to enable and empower its students

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GE courses

YouSTUDY International College offers a range of programs to suit the needs of anyone looking to improve their English.

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VET & GE courses

Boost your education or enhance your travels when you study English at Cairns Language Centre.

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VET & GE courses

Our trainers are highly experienced both academically and professionally.

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VET courses

Frontier Education is a leading national trainer in vocational education.

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VET courses

EIM International Training's Cairns campus is conveniently located near public transport.

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VET & GE courses

SPC Cairns offer a full-immersion experience with 24/7 English Only environment.

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VET courses

Asian students are very interested in School because of its intensive beauty and therapy courses.

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Tips and Locations

Attendance management on a set date and time is the basis of school life. Learn to be positive.

You also need to be interested in submitting various reports such as the assessments and training sessions. Do not accumulate.

Finally, you have to enjoy yourself. This is Cairns where you should go before you die. Enjoy! so you can complete your work and study.

This is CAIRNS

Hana's Tours


Great Barrier


Only in Cairns

Located in Cairns, Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the top destinations in the world. The breathtaking view of 2000km of coral will give you an unforgettable experience and life picture. Come to Cairns right now. Beautiful nature and Cairns specialty, Wally is waiting for a photo with you.

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in Cairns

Too much FUN!

Kuranda alive with Australian Aboriginal culture, Jungle like a butterfly planet, Skydive and light aircraft for an unforgettable experience overlooking the sky, From water sports to hot air balloons and crocodile farms, Cairns is full of tremendous tours. Try it now.

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